22 June 2023

A little more about "us" and this blog

Ok, now that there are a few posts made, and I'm starting to feel my way around this tool, I feel it's time to truly start talking to the people or is it the internet or some  random machine?? :)

Let me start off with a quick introduction:

My name is Jason and I have had animals around me since the day I was brought home from the hospital.  My girlfriend (Erin -the other author here) and I are big animal lovers and are the proud adopted family of 4 little former feral felines.  In fact, the first one of the bunch to adopt us is the reason and inspiration behind this blog, our new found future plans, and so much more.  You can find his story here as well.  

I'm pretty sure there will be more about me that gets shared over the course of writing these little posts.

Now, onto the important stuff, what is this blog all about......

In short, it's about feral/stray cats/dogs, but there is so much more.  Our intention is to share our passion for helping those little furry critters in any way we can.  We both are volunteering with our local SPCA, Animal Services, Humane Society, and a local animal rescue that has been in operation since 1982 -Happy Hills Animal Foundation.

There will be posts written in all kinds of formats, some random, some super informative, some events, and who knows what else.... sit down, buckle up, and let's go for a ride

I (we) hope you will come along for the trip as we try to share information about feral/stray cats and dogs, resources that are available, how the community can help, and some of our own personal thoughts and activities. 

Thank you


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