01 July 2023

First day volunteering at the shelter


Today was the first day Erin and I volunteered with Randolph County Animal Services here in North Carolina, and let me start off with saying "It felt amazing".

We are both animal lovers and have been looking for "our place" here in the community we now call home.  Ever since Phantom walked into our lives last November, we knew that this was the place we would call home for a while.  So we started to think about ways to get involved locally and become TRUE residents and not just 'temporary tenants'.  And then we had a feral cat community 'thrust upon us' by way of a neighbor.  Luckily that problem turned into Phantom and his 2 little brothers that we now have.  We immediately started looking for how to handle the colony and found a local rescue, TNR program, the spca, animal services, and humane society.  Now, we volunteer with all of them :) It can be tiring, but so rewarding in the fact that we are helping these beautiful animals that are part of this planet just as much as we are if not more so.  

Back to the topic of the day....

Today, Erin and I ventured to the Animal Shelter for their Adopt and Play Day that they hold every 1st Saturday where you can come in and visit with and potentially adopt a new little friend.  They have several little kitties that will simply melt your heart and there are quite a few of those other little friends that always have it so ruff or is that woof??? Part of what the volunteers get to do is help socialize some of the cats so they can hopefully become adoptable.  Well, this is where I met the cutie in the picture Zira.  We had so much fun playing with a room full of little kittens that were no more than 12-13 weeks old.  We took several of the dogs out for a walk so they could expend some of that held off zoomie action as well.  If we had the property, I'd take them all home with me and yes I mean ALL of them -cats and dogs....

We also got the chance to talk to the director, and I have a feeling, there are many great things in store and I (we) cannot wait to get the ball rolling.

If you're looking for a cute little kitty or a rowdy fur missile and you happen to be in Randolph County NC, head on over to the RCAS and go meet your new best friend or little princess or whatever your heart desires.

While I'm typing this, I'm sitting here thinking about all of the things we did today and how much fun we had with the kitties and the dogs and how I could go on for hours talking about it, but it's getting late and I have our furry bosses begging for some treats and well, they do kinda run things :) 


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